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US-2012088147-A1: Rechargeable battery patent, US-2012116274-A1: Remote unattended low level light therapy orthopedic device, wearing means and method of use patent, US-2012142643-A1: Clonidine and gaba compounds in a biodegradable polymer carrier patent, US-2012168013-A1: Conical fluidic oscillator inserts for use with a subterranean well patent, US-2012202359-A1: Method of Increasing Deposition Rate of Silicon Dioxide on a Catalyst patent, US-2012254614-A1: Non-transitory computer readable storage medium, information communication device and method patent, US-2012282094-A1: Wind Turbine Blade Tip Brake Apparatus and Method patent, US-2012285894-A1: System and method for the treatment of wastewater patent, US-2012306047-A1: Chip-on-film structure for liquid crystal panel patent, US-2012323887-A1: Systems and methods for using graphical representations to manage query results patent, US-2012327663-A1: Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting System Having Adjustable Output patent, US-2013069191-A1: Novel semiconductor and optoelectronic devices patent, US-2013200181-A1: Woody Biomass Beneficiation System patent, US-2013200275-A1: Fluoroscopy Apparatus, Fluoroscopy System, and Fluorescence-Image Processing Method patent, US-2013323407-A1: Method for coating with an evaporation material patent, US-2013327917-A1: Build platform leveling with tactile feedback patent, US-2014009496-A1: Methods and systems for object based data management patent, US-2014029618-A1: Systems and methods for optimizing layer three routing in an information handling system patent, US-2014056578-A1: Heating Fan patent, US-2014067509-A1: System and method for performing a secure transaction patent, US-2014221530-A1: Composition for an adhesive material patent, US-2014243808-A1: Ablation probe with deployable sensors patent, US-2014251169-A1: Method for adjusting the distances between cylinders of an inking unit and printing machine patent, US-2014268914-A1: Method of controlling synchronous rectifier for power converter, control circuit, and power converter thereof patent, US-2014365479-A1: Searching and Restoring of Backups patent, US-2015000551-A1: Fabricated frame for railway truck patent, US-2015008834-A1: Lossless forward voltage matching network for led drivers patent, US-2015029222-A1: Dynamically configuring an image processing function patent, US-2015030890-A1: Battery pack patent, CN-104616185-A: Shopping method through two-dimension codes patent, US-2015050489-A1: Low stress hard coatings and applications thereof patent, US-2015075134-A1: System and method for reductant injection patent, US-2010123600-A1: Led signal light patent, US-2010189258-A1: Method for distributing an authentication key, corresponding terminal, mobility server and computer programs patent, US-2010227669-A1: Software-based system that manages interactions among video game characters patent, US-2011040552-A1: Structured data translation apparatus, system and method patent, US-2011067113-A1: Classification Separation Router patent, US-2011078417-A1: Cooperative thread array reduction and scan operations patent, US-2011165094-A1: Use of vitamin e or derivatives thereof for the control of arthropods patent, US-2011168552-A1: System for sputtering deposition patent, US-2011180108-A1: Reticle cleaning method for a lithography tool and a reticle cleaning system thereof patent, US-2011235413-A1: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of controlling nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-2011266972-A1: Dynamic current equalization for light emitting diode (LED) and other applications patent, US-2011294264-A1: Heat spreader as mechanical reinforcement for ultra-thin die patent, US-2011296594-A1: Energy management structure patent, US-2012046419-A1: Methods and materials for hydrocarbon recovery patent, US-2012066315-A1: Visual identifiers as links to access resources patent, US-2012106193-A1: Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same patent, US-2012106524-A1: Tunable power amplifier using laminate mems capacitors patent, US-2012109990-A1: Information search system, information management device, information search method, information management method, and recording medium patent, US-2012123613-A1: Driving support device, driving support method, and program patent, US-2012144177-A1: Fast computer startup patent, US-2012185833-A1: Code generator and method for generating extra code for a virtual machine patent, US-2012243259-A1: Interleaved lighting system for 2d-3d display patent, US-2013005291-A1: Wireless device, method of operation and computer program patent, US-2013031617-A1: System and methods for use in communicating with an energy management device in an energy device network patent, US-2013041090-A1: Method for producing thermoplastic elastomer composition patent, US-2013080731-A1: Method and apparatus for performing memory management patent, US-2013092708-A1: Wall-mounted metering dispenser patent, US-2013131225-A1: Compositions comprising polylactic acid and gum arabic patent, US-2013199086-A1: Method for producing a bio-coal patent, US-2013308848-A1: Detection values processing apparatus patent, US-2013321335-A1: Terminal device, information processing method, and storage medium patent, US-2013327802-A1: Crown fork supported bicycle carrier patent, US-2014007730-A1: Robotic hand with conformal finger patent, US-2014008555-A1: Valve patent, US-2014045339-A1: Substrate treatment apparatus and substrate treatment method patent, US-2014049484-A1: Touch panel and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2014110980-A1: Bicycle or Ride on Vehicle Seats and Saddles patent, US-2014116634-A1: High-Durability Sheet for Manufacturing Bank Notes patent, US-2014135668-A1: Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation airway valve and devices patent, US-2014168943-A1: Light converter and lighting unit comprising such light converter patent, US-2014205856-A1: Zincating Aluminum patent, US-2014225980-A1: Continuous Illumination of Backlit Display and of Subject for Image Capture patent, US-2014257699-A1: Wireless network of low power sensing and actuating motes patent, US-2014261551-A1: Cord clamp current sensor for dust collector patent, US-2014319740-A1: Electrospun Fiber Mats from Polymers Having a Low Tm, Tg, or Molecular Weight patent, US-2014343372-A1: Automatic location detection of a physiological measurement system on a user's body patent, US-2014374913-A1: Circuit arrangement and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2015015066-A1: Method and system for control and protection of direct current subsea power systems patent, US-2015097282-A1: Chip packages, chip arrangements, a circuit board, and methods for manufacturing chip packages patent, US-2010141820-A1: Image sensor having cut-off corners, with a multiplexer between two adjacent rows of pixels patent, US-2010149430-A1: Active Inductor Circuits for Filtering in a Cable Tuner Circuit patent, US-2010178661-A1: Automatic tissue microarray apparatus and method for arraying tissue using the same patent, US-2010196896-A1: Method and a kit for identifying a human who has the predisposition for increased consumption of carbohydrates and method for managing the named human's dietary intake of nutritional energy patent, US-2010211700-A1: Methods and systems to dynamically manage performance states in a data processing system patent, US-2010212097-A1: Mascara brush patent, US-2010238085-A1: Plastic waveguide slot array and method of manufacture patent, US-2010267344-A1: Method and system for broadcast message transmission in mobile systems patent, US-2010332880-A1: Mobile Electronic Device patent, US-2011008189-A1: Dispensing pump patent, US-2011025642-A1: Control circuit and control method for touch panel patent, US-2011033370-A1: System and method for sulfur recovery patent, US-2011051457-A1: Ceiling mount led lamp patent, US-2011056897-A1: Tool rack patent, US-2011074912-A1: Providing an Indication of a Videoconference by a Videoconferencing Device patent, US-2011133499-A1: Bumper for a motor vehicle patent, US-2011133811-A1: Clock distribution network patent, US-2011156063-A1: Organic light emitting diode (oled) display device patent, US-2011160191-A1: New fused polycyclic compounds having a heterocyclic ring(s) and pharmaceutical use thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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